We are a boutique agency for content therapy and corporate change without the buzzwords. Our loosely-knit network of strong-minded strategists, corporate change and team building experts with partners in Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States, Australia and Japan is available world-wide for on-premises and remote projects alike. Say hi!


Mathias Maul

Half linguist, half computer scientist and half therapist, Mathias Maul founded The Content Shrinks to help organizations implement author-first workflows as the most effective means to create, manage and measure reader-first content. He is passionate about debugging processes and people, tears down silos with bonsai scissors and enables his clients to establish work environments that make their content guys and gals more productive and happier, leading to measurably more effective content within and outside the organization.


Frank Thumb

Considering that Frank has decades of marketing and advertising experience under his belt – more than 10 of which as managing director in one of the world’s largest advertising agencies –, his work has remained amazingly lean and clear: He quickly separates wheat from chaff, and with a fast and open mind, he creates strategies that move content, conversations, and profits.


Specialists in change and HR processes, alstracon helps companies to expand their potential by using their own resources.

Acrolinx Software helps the world’s greatest brands create amazing content: on-brand, on-target, and at scale. 

Become a shrink! If you have a strong background in corporate change, content strategy/creation/governance, linguistics, psychology, communications or any other field that you think could benefit our clients, please use the contractor application form to tell us more about yourself.